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Personal Style and Wardrobe Management

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Imagine how good it would feel to exercise and feel good in your body, dress up and go out with your partner or spouse, and connect more deeply than you've been able to in recent years.

For years you have worn the kid's sports team colors and shirts.  You opted to purchase prom clothes for the kids instead of update your wardrobe.  Or, you got the basics with mostly comfort in mind. 

Now it's time for you to update your style but you are unsure where to start.  Imagine knowing which colors look best on you and which styles accentuate your body type and style best.  

I can help!  My personal style program will help you find your perfect colors and style.  


One on One Coaching

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The problem is, you've spent so much time and energy caring for your family you've lost touch with what matters to you personally, outside of your family.

You realize that you could have a whole new life ahead of you, but you aren't sure where to begin, and it feels overwhelming to contemplate.

You vacillate between dreaming about what the future might look like, and telling yourself your dreams are too farfetched. 

I can help with my one on one coaching programs.  Find out which is perfect for you!

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Home Organizing and Decorating

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You've spent so much time and energy caring for your family.  You've accumulated a home full of old sports equipment, excess party supplies and travel + adventure souvenirs. 


Now you would like a peaceful, serene home that reflects your new position in life.  

But, where do you start and how do you find the energy to not only start but to keep going until the entire house is organized? 

I can help.  My in home, virtual and DIY organizing packages take you step by step through organizing your entire home and on to the right path for your best life!   


Find out which one is perfect for you!

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