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I'm Kathleen 
Self Image and Confidence Coach
 for women

Kathleen Hargrove

I help women gain self confidence
by elevating her self image

Your self image says everything about you -

  •  it's how other's perceive you

  •  it's how you see yourself

  •  it's what you think and do 

  •  it's your potential

So, if - 

  • you struggle with what to wear

  • you doubt yourself 

  • you question your style

  • your closet is a mess

  • you have constant mind chatter

  • you can't seem to get ahead

I can help!


When you change the way you see and present yourself, everything changes!


You see other women who are classy and pulled together.  These women have purpose and are contributing.


You too want to live a flourishing life with ease and grace.


If you are ready to become more confident, at Kathleen Hargrove Coaching we will - 

  • Find out what colors and styles look best on you

  • Determine you own personal style

  • Organize your closet to maximize the space and make getting                            ready for the day easy 

  • Stop the negative mind chatter

  • Become confident

  • Create success

I know what you need - and I can help!


What if your dreams are
closer than you can imagine?

Go from hot mess to class act

hey, there!

Have you often felt you don't know your style and what to wear? 

  • you don't like clothing shopping, you never know what to choose

  • items in your closet don't match or go with anything else

  • not to mention your closet is cluttered with decades of clothing

  • you have items with tags still on them and who knows what else


Your closet is full but you still have nothing to wear?

Chances are you have lost your focus.  Your focus has likely been on other people, work, kid's schedules and life. 

Now it is time for you to figure out what you want for yourself


But you don't know where to start. 


Believe it or not,  your thoughts create your decisions that determine who you are as a person, it's not destiny. 


When you decide on purpose to live your personal style, you are a reflection of the person you are choosing to become.   

Change your mindset, create your newfound personal style, determine your future and start living a vibrant new life!

I help women put style in lifestyle

You can let life happen to you or you can choose to create and exceptional life.  It starts with a phone call -

Organized and styled closet
Learn More

I can help you get the
exact life you want


feel the love

Kathleen is such a great coach! She is totally relatable with her life experiences, and she is kind, caring, and reliable. She’ll give you her all when you are her client!

Andrea P

Have a question?  Feel free to contact me and I will get back in touch with you!

Thanks for the message!



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