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I'm Kathleen - Thanks for stopping by!

oh, hi!


I'm so glad you stopped by to learn a little about me.  

I am a wife, mom, grandmother and dog mom.  I love color, design, texture and all things visual.  I grew up in Germany, lived in New England for 20 years and currently live in Texas.  I have a degree in fashion retailing and merchandising and a design certificate in interior design.  

I own a professional organizing business in North Texas and when the pandemic hit and I was stuck at home, I was introduced to life coaching.  It resonated so much that I became a certified life coach.  

I decided to take all my schooling, trainings, passions and coaching to help women gain confidence through their self image. 

I help women figure out which colors and styles look best on them.  I help them define a personal style, do a wardrobe audit and organize their closets.  Finally, I coach them through the mind chatter.  Through my schooling, trainings and passions, I combined my knowledge to help these ladies become more confident and successful.  

When I am not working, you can find me with a book, walking the dogs, trying out a new coffee shop, or connecting with friends. 

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