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Kathleen Hargrove athletic

I 'm excited you are here!  I can't wait to share all the style tips with you!

So, you know that I have great things to give you.  I am thrilled to have you in my community and can't wait to share my tips with you.  

Take a look at your Closet Clean Out Flowchart and fill in all the fields to get you started on your journey.  


The next step is to buid your confidence through your self image.  Find the clothing that looks best on your skin type and body type.  Be very selective in your clothing and accessory choices.  Keep only what fits you now, what you love and what fits in your closet.  

Now let's go! Dress for confidence!

This workbook is for you if -

  • you feel like you've never known your style 

  • you have gained weight (hello pandemic 15) and don't know what looks good

  • you have done a 21 Detox, have lost weight and don't know what looks good

  • you feel disorganized in your mind, your home, your personal style and just don't know what to do to move forward

closet and image overhaul

*Head on over and use code - CONFIDENCE for a discount*

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