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Kathleen Hargrove Athletic

I 'm excited you are here!  I can't wait to share all the empty nester tips with you!

So, you know that I have great things to give you.  I am thrilled to have you in my community and can't wait to share my tips with you.  

Take a look at your 5 step guide and fill in all the fields to get you started on your journey of a vibrant life.  


The next step is to set a big goal and go get it.  Any time you need support, I will be here ready to coach you and offer you the next step in becoming the new version of yourself - the one who is ready to reach that exceptional goal!

Now let's go live life vibrantly!

This workbook is for you if -

  • after years of taking care of your family you struggle to know what lights you up 

  • you have always felt you have more to contribute but wonder what it could be

  • you feel disorganized in your mind, your home, your personal style and just don't know what to do to move forward

Image - Flourishing Dreams Workbook.png

*Head on over and use code - FLOURISH 4 for a discount*

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