Empty Nesters
Reclaim Forgotten Dreams

You've been focused on your family and now it is time for you to figure out what you want.

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As an empty nester. you have growing awareness that your:

  • home is cluttered with your kid's stuff + decor is outdated

  • personal style and fitness went by the wayside years ago

  • relationship with your spouse has been centered on "the kids" for 20+ years

You focused on your family and now it is time for you to figure out what you want for you.


Your dreams might feel like a distant memory, or near impossible to achieve—together we can flip that script.

What if your dreams are
closer than you can imagine?


Do you feel like you were made for more?

I'm Kathleen!  I'm married with 4 children.  When my youngest went to college, I found myself as an empty nester wondering 'what's next'  But, when I did the work, I realized that I still had dreams that had been set aside while I took care of my family.  I now have the passion to follow those dreams and want to help you uncover and follow the dreams that have been 

If I'm not coaching, I am reading, walking my dogs or connecting with friends.  

made for more




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Kathleen is such a great coach! She is totally relatable with her life experiences, and she is kind, caring, and reliable. She’ll give you her all when you are her client!

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