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Hi!  I’m Kathleen Hargrove and I help empty nesters reclaim their forgotten dreams.  I coach women who have spent the last several years taking care of their families to organize and find calm in their homes, learn to stick with  a goal and realize their lost dreams. 


If this sounds like you, chances are you have spent years taking care of the family. Now your house has left-over sports equipment, games and miscellany from bygone days.  Meanwhile, you have let your personal self care and fitness go. But now you are ready.  You are ready to remember those dreams you once had that are stuck in the corners of your memory bank.  


I can help you because I have been where you are. When my youngest daughter was starting her senior year of high school, not only I was looking at an empty nest in the coming year, but I was also turning 50! I started picturing my future as a downhill slide into my senior years. On top of this, my existing work was not lighting me up the way it used to.


However, I joined a coaching program and found myself questioning all my thoughts about empty nests, my current business, as well as my life after 50.  I learned to manage my thoughts and feelings, i.e. decide what I wanted to think, and drastically shifted my outlook on life.  I decided that I wasn't too old to follow my passions, that I was in control and that life was going to happen 'for me', not 'to me'. 


I found it all so powerful that I got trained so I could share this wisdom with other women preparing for their mid-life shift.


With my 12 week ‘Reclaim your Dreams’ program you will delve into your mind and memory to uncover the lost and forgotten dreams.  I can help you  picture a new and bright future—and help you develop the confidence to believe in your ability to create it. Together we can dream, scheme, and plan the steps to make your fantasy a reality, as well as develop the mindset tools to live your best life. 


I am a New England transplant living in Dallas, TX with my husband and two dogs.  We have four kids, and even though none of them say y’all, they have all settled in Texas, at least for the foreseeable future.  I love the color pink, my morning bootcamp, and early morning cups of coffee.  When I am not working, you can find me with a book, doing yoga, or connecting with friends. 

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